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Common Problems
Most Architects Experience
Before Choosing

Have you ever been involved with a project that did not go well

· The General Contractor thought they were a Construction Manager
· An adversarial Relationship developed between the builder and the architect
· There was a problem with Schedules being met
· There was a lack of Experience on this type of project by the contractor
· There were excessive or unjust Change Orders
· There was an unreliable Conceptual Budget
· The lack of responsiveness to Post-Construction problems
· There was a problem working within the agreed upon Budget
· A Project Superintendent that would not or did not want to make Decisions
· Of poor Communications
· Of Late Deliveries
· Problem in responding to Warranty issues after the project is completed
· Problem in responding to the Owner after the warrantees have expired
· Lack of Organized Manpower
· Lack of Financial Resources
· The Superintendent did not stay on through the punch list
· The Contractor not supplying a completed Close Out Book with As-Builts
· Working with the Contractor was Not Enjoyable!

What was the Cost to you?…$_________



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