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Construction Delivery Systems:

Although there are several different types of construction delivery systems, and each could be best for a given project, today we would like to share some of the advantages of Construction Management, a system that we are helping to define for the industry.

Most importantly, a comfort level and trust are established early and are maintained throughout the project by the close involvement of the three parties thereby insuring a positive experience for all involved in a very important event in each of their lives.

It is an "open book" process. The owner, architect, & construction manager are involved together from the start. All books are open to the owner for review and comment at any time. The owner and architect participate along with the CM in the subcontractor selection to insure that the most qualified available representative for each trade is selected based on agreed upon standards with considerations for cost and quality.

The process is shorter. Because the owner, the architect and the construction manager are working together, the trades can begin working before the plans and documents need to be finalized. (IE: site work contractors can be chosen and start working on the project before the interior finish documents need to be completed) Engineers necessary in developing a safe, well-constructed structure (mechanical, electrical, plumbing & structural) can be included in early development where needed.

Since all three entities are involved throughout the process collaboratively, cost saving changes are suggested and discussed early in the process and incorporated as necessary. This reduces and sometimes eliminates the need for expensive change orders during the actual construction.

Savings, since the contractor and architect are working as members of the Project Team, savings achieved through this process can be returned to the owner.

Would this system be right for your project?

Let's talk about it and see.


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