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The Selection Process

Know your needs, ask the right questions, and build a team
The difference between a successful project and one that merely meets the minimum requirements is determined by your choice of builder and the relationship you forge.

Think long-term
When you are choosing a building partner, there is always the temptation to choose the lowest bidder. But it is wise to remember that you are choosing a key member of your project team. A low bid may appear to save you money, but it is no assurance that you will get the building you want.

Appealing to quality builders
Experienced, quality-minded contractors will generally avoid a lowest-bidder situation, so a low bid may actually work against your goal of getting the best building for your money.

Money-saving strategy
The best strategy for saving money is to choose a building partner who is experienced in planning, because it is in the planning phase, early in the project that you have the most influence over the costs throughout the project. Assessing the builder's experience in planning a construction project is very important.

Addressing your needs
To plan effectively, choose a builder who is eager to understand your overall needs and how they relate to your project. Don't settle for one who is only concerned with delivering a building.

The trust factor
Chemistry and trust are intangible qualities, but they are vitally important. Your building partner will be making recommendations throughout the process. You will need to rely on your building partner for advice in decisions you will live with for a long time. Can you trust this person?

Questions to ask
• Who are some of your past customers?
• Have you worked on projects similar to mine?
• How do you determine what I need?
• How can I get the best value for my investment?
• Can you provide me with a guaranteed maximum cost?
• How do you handle design changes during construction?
• Can you guarantee your estimated completion date?
• What services and guarantees do you provide after I occupy the building?
• Do you provide any other services we haven't discussed?


The Wrenn Difference

We don't just build a building, we meet your long-term needs
Over the years, one thing has become clear. The best projects result from relationships built on trust, confidence, and accountability. We are committed to maintaining this kind of relationship with our customers.

Our customers value quality
Ranging from first-time builders to those who have built dozens of buildings, our customers have at least one thing in common: They demand quality, and they understand that low initial cost is not synonymous with value. We demonstrate this to them throughout their project.

We educate our customers
We want our customers to be comfortable with the decisions they are making regarding construction. In addition to advising our customers at the beginning of a project, we walk our customers through unfamiliar processes and issues so they will be better able to make informed choices on future projects.

Our customers return to us for repeat business
We are proud of the fact that our repeat customer base has grown steadily from year to year. Our customers tell us that this is due to our commitment to their needs and goals, and the level of trust they have in our people.

We understand the unique concerns of our customer's business
We believe we are not only helping our customers build a building, but also enabling them to carry out the mission of their enterprise. To accomplish this, we invest time in understanding key aspects of their business at the beginning of the project. At this stage conceptual or design changes have the greatest impact on the quality and functionality and the least impact on cost or delivery.

"We believe a building is a combination of values, ideas, shelter, structure, materials, and systems to enable you to carry out the mission of your company. Our commitment is to making it happen."



Contact Wrenn at: build@wrenn.com